Get to Know the Business

Starting Audrey’s Customized Creations, came from a creative place of wanting to make things and spread God’s love. It was something that I wanted to do for such a long time but working more than full-time, on top of church activities, there was just not a lot of time to bring the business in.

I worked at two different companies in 2022 and in both places it didn’t feel like home. I had employers talk me up and envision dreams, but those dreams weren’t mine, they were theirs. I was honored to be apart of their story, but I wanted more in my life. I wanted flexibility, I wanted Christ centered, and I wanted the freedom to work from home for my home.

I worked with a company (which will remain nameless), and it was during a season that left me wondering why. My husband and I had been trying to grow our family, and after many doctors appointments and blood drawings, we found out that we would need professional help if we wanted to see a family of our own. This was in May of 2022, and from there I started medications that left me feeling absolutely miserable, all the while working for this company, that I slowly started to feel uneasy about.

As time progressed, and none of the medications working, I decided to let it go. I just remember saying, “God has a plan, and right now, I can’t handle all of this.” Working full-time, working on my mental health, working on my actual health, church, and trying to maintain relationships, it was too overwhelming for me. Luckily, my husband and I had a vacation planned to Colorado in August, so I saw my moment to relax and just step out of my world for a minute.

Jump to August, we go to Colorado, and while there my appetite had increased, and hiking left me physically drained. I slept a lot and ate a lot. As well as enjoyed time with my husband and friends we don’t get to see. I bring up this trip, because it was the first time that I felt something shift within in me. I couldn’t place it at the time, but a week after returning home I found out that I was pregnant.

Still working with the same company, I told them the news and they seemed excited, but I could tell the boss was more worried about what would happen to the business when I had the baby. However, the full effects of the first trimester hit, and due to the chronic sickness and fatigue, I was kind of forced into resigning from my role in the company.

The reason for sharing this story is because during the trials of pregnancy and unemployment, and trying to make sense of it all, I found that when I was creating new things, I felt like I was finally using the talents God had picked for me. I wanted to spread his love, and use the skills he created me with, which lead me to opening Audrey’s Customized Creations.

This is a family owned and operated business, with a mission to show and spread the love of Jesus to all his people. We put heart into everything we make, and spread God’s love while we do it.

Thank you for taking the time to read how this business of mine came to be!

With Love, Audrey

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